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Motorola CLR446

Motorola CLR446

The Motorola CLR446 is a reliable, easy-to-use Two-way radio that delivers amazing value. Operating on the public access 446 MHz frequency range, you don’t need to purchase a licence from Ofcom to use these handsets, meaning you save money and can get started with them as soon as you take them out of the box.


This non-display radio is a good fit across a wide range of settings, offices, hospitality, retail, education and production.


The CLR446’s multiple features are a perfect fit for these environments. For example, the built-in loudspeaker means employees are able to use their radio in loud, noisy environments. Loud, clear audio output is ensured thanks to Motorola’s advanced radio frequency engineering.


There are 16 channels to choose from. When a user wants to change channels, for example to talk with different work groups, the CLR446 announces who they’ve selected, avoiding the necessity of removing the radio from their belt. Channel names can be pre-recorded and saved.


Because the CLR446 uses open public radio frequencies, interference from other users and even eavesdropping are risk factors. To counter this, Motorola has built in 219 privacy codes which help maintain a clear signal and protect privacy.


The CLR446 delivers reliable performance wherever it is used. A fully charged battery will last for up to 18 hours, supporting staff throughout long, arduous shifts.


This hard-working model is able to withstand use in tough conditions, with a chassis that meets military-grade specifications for shock and vibration and IP52 specifications for dust and water ingress. It has also been certified against Motorola’s demanding five-year Accelerated Life Test, which assesses durability over time in conditions that simulate rain, salt fog, blowing dust and temperature extremes.

Features Include

  • Licence Free (PMR 446)
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Channel Announcement
  • Rugged Design
  • Oversized PTT Button
  • VOX
  • Eight Colour Status LED
PriceFrom £93.00
Excluding VAT

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