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Motorola SL2600

Motorola SL2600

The Motorola MOTOTRBO SL2600 is a sleek, professional digital two-way radio. It’s perfectly suited to business environments, providing a level of sophistication for your hotel staff, security guards, and other public-facing employees.


The dual line OLED display shows essential information such as battery life, current channel, signal strength and scrolling messages. While the virtual keypad features four buttons that light up when in use, and can be customised to vibrate, sound a tone, or operate silently.


Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity allows for the use of wireless earpieces and other accessories. Built-in WiFi capability and over-the-air updates have successfully elimated the need to deal with messy cables or removing radios from service, allowing far greater efficiency in system management.


The SL2600 comes in a slim, lightweight frame that is easy to carry around all day and blends in seamlessly with professional uniforms. It easily fits into a pocket and will not weigh you down as you move, providing that level of discreetness required for front of house staff. Despite its slim appearance, it still delivers an average battery life of over 11 hours, making it an asset on long shifts where overtime is a possibility.


Since this radio can work on both VHF or UHF frequencies, it can be quickly transformed from a radio for indoor to outdoor use with just the change of an antenna. The prominent push to talk button on the side of the radio is ergonomic and easy to operate, while the loudspeaker allows communications to be clearly heard, even in noisy environments.


Additional accessories for the SL2600 include both single and multi-unit chargers, headsets, earpieces and carry accessories including a flexible hand strap and a carry holster with a swivel belt clip.

Features Include

  • Ultra Slim (23mm)
  • Two Line OLED Display
  • Partial Keypad
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Bluetooth vonnectivity
  • IP54
  • Noise Suppressor
  • Dual VHF or UHF
Excluding VAT

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