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Motorola SLR5500

Motorola SLR5500

The Motorola SLR 5500 is a repeater that boosts two way radio coverage across large sites. It replaces the DR3000 and comes with a number of important upgrades, including considerably improved processing power and data storage capacity. This exceptionally robust unit is considerably slimmer and more compact than its predecessor, and provides 50W transmit output power, digital error correction and excellent audio reproduction.


The SLR 5500 is designed to operate efficiently, with low power consumption and a low thermal footprint. Added to this, it has several field-replaceable parts and ports for expansion modules. On the front of the console, there is a USB port for simple connectivity, and it also has a built in battery charger, plus ports for external alarm integration and ethernet cables. The unit is fully compatible with both digital and analogue radios, it can also be used in mixed mode to utilise both at the same time.


Motorola has designed the SLR 5500 to be compatible with its MOTOTRBO feature set, which means that MOTOTRBO benefits such as IP Site Connect, Single Site Capacity Plus and Multi Site Capacity Plus can be used, when this unit is paired with compatible two way radios.

Features Include

  • Low power consumption
  • Slim design
  • Digital, Analogue or mixed mode operation
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