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Motorola SLR1000

Motorola SLR1000

Remote sites and dead zones can cause unreliability in communications. Even a short outage can result in your team missing essential information, or may even put their safety at risk.


The Motorola SLR1000 repeater allows all workers to communicate reliably by extending your two way radio signal, it is a vital tool for all applications that span large sites or demanding terrain.

The Mototrbo SLR1000 is perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. It is IP65 rated for dust and water resistance, which allows it to be installed in construction sites, car parks and other outdoor locations where the device has the potential to get wet in day to day use.


The casing allows for versatility when it comes to installation, thanks to its compact size. The smaller dimensions of the SLR1000 are one of its key features, with the unit measuring in at 279.4mm x 228.6mm x 101.6mm. Compared against other Motorola models such as the SLR5500 at 44mm x 483mm x 370 mm, opening up even smaller spaces as potential installation sites. Mounting the unit on poles, walls, or ceilings is easy.


The fanless design and low power requirements mean less energy is required to run the SLR10000, saving you money on power and helping to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint. The lack of a fan also means that there’s less maintenance to be concerned with over the lifetime of the repeater. Fewer components, less noise, and decreased particulate intrusion are all benefits that some other units simply are not able to offer.


The expandability of the SLR1000 repeater with additional optional features such as a duplexer, mountable antenna, or antenna switch can provide additional functionality and coverage at a lower price point. The SLR1000 will work with both conventional and trunking systems that support both data and voice. That means your network can grow with you and upgrading your system won’t necessarily require purchasing a larger repeater, allowing for a reduced total cost of your system.


Motorola has more than ten years’ experience with digital two way radios and is a known and reliable brand. Its repeaters are extremely robust and will keep communications flowing, even in the most challenging of locations.

Features Include

  • Fanless
  • Indoor or outdoor application
  • IP65
  • Easy to install
Excluding VAT

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